Why go to one of the most dangerous regions in the world - Central America

About two years ago I’ve decided to go on a longer journey. I work with my current employer for more than 10 years and after 10 years you get an extra 20 days of vacation. So I got 8 days from the old year, 30 days from this year and the extra 20 days, plus 30 days of next year as I will travel over to the new year. First I was open to go with my family to Australia but my kids are at an age where travelling does not have such an appeal for them as for me and my wife.

I grew up in Costa Rica from 11 to 16 years old, I know spanish and I loved my period in Costa Rica. So after a while discussing about Australia I switched over to Central America and a work colleague who travelled a lot in Latin America pointed out that it might be too dangerous. If you go on the Web you will understand why. So I am a family father and will put myself at risk and potentially leave my kids without a father. Not such a perfectly smart idea for some days off.

Doesn’t matter with whom I talk the common consensus is - not a great idea. I am now at a stage where I have doubts.

October 6, 2018 view from Hagen, Schaffhausen

October 6, 2018 view from Hagen, Schaffhausen

What can happen? I am travelling with my touring bike. Probably I am not the primary target as they anyway think I cannot afford a car that’s why I am travelling with the bike. As usual putting luxury and electronics on display might get me into troubles. Selecting a route where there is a lot of trafic and narrow roads heightens the risk of an accident. Some ask me if I take a gun with me. That’s a really complicated one. I belief display of a gun ends up in a who shoots first scenario. I don’t have that much practice so don’t want to run that risk either. Pepper spray - yeah I take that with me.

What do I want that happens? I’d like to meet a lot of indigenous people during my journey. Listen to their stories and share mine and understand how these stories are relatable. I want to taste all the different foods along the journey. Enjoy the sites from Mayan pyramids, to canyons, waterfalls and beaches with some surf action. Hopefully along the way find some companions who I can share the pains of cycling and motivate each other. Changing my perspective of this world. I am Swiss as a Swiss can be and it is about time to inhale some other air and come back with some fresh mindset and outlook to what’s next in my life.

Without taking the risk I cannot experience the later and as the motto of the website already says, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”, Jennifer Lee, some fearlessness is key.